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Working at a Beef Cattle Station (Part 2)

Ride horses to carry out stock work


This resource supports learning in the following unit of competency in the AHC20110   Certificate II in Agriculture Training Package:
AHCLSK212A    Ride horses to carry out stock work

Mapping of the resource to these units and further information about use of the resource can be found in the Facilitator Guide in the downloadable documents further down on this webpage.  

The resource consists of: 
1. Self-paced eLearning modules 
2. Video clips 
3. Supporting documents

1. Self-paced eLearning modules

For self-directed learning by students to be completed with the Practical Checklists provided for each module (click on each to begin): 

MODULE 1:  Care for saddlery and equipment  (approx. 30 mins) 
    Practical Checklist 1
MODULE 2:  Prepare horses before and after work  (approx. 50 mins)
    Practical Checklist 2 
MODULE 3:  Ride horses  (approx. 40 mins)
    Practical Checklist 3 

2. Video Vignettes

For use in face-to-face training and embedded in the eLearning modules.  These video clips are also available in higher resolution on DVD from LitCom Training Service.

1. Click on each image to view video
2. Click on the symbol at bottom right of each video to view the video full screen.   

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

1.1 Clean and maintain working gear

2.1 Health and safety hazards

3.1 Identify and select stock horses

1.2 Select and fit basic working gear

2.2 Select and use PPE

3.2 Pre-flight safety

1.3 Store working gear and saddlery

2.3 Catch and tie up a horse

3.3 Horse education


2.4 Grooming

3.4 Handle and restrain horses safely


2.5 Hoof care and cleaning

3.5 Vices of horses when riding

2.6 Identify unhealthy and unsound horses

3.6 Move lifestock on horseback


2.7 Mix and offer feeds


2.8 Vices of horses on the ground

NOTE: The vignettes have NOT been designed as a stand-alone resource for learners. They should be used, together with the documents below, for facilitated group reflection on, and discussion about practices demonstrated in the scenarios.

3. Supporting documents

Facilitator Guide
Practical Checklist - 1 Care
Practical Checklist - 2 Prepare
Practical Checklist - 3 Ride